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Big Bounce or Bang? Theories on the Origin of Reality

Big Bang Theory giving way to the Big Bounce Theory? Einstein’s relativity comes up short in simulations of the beginning of the Universe, but the theory of this Universe emerging from the gravity-driven collapse of a previous Universe has potential, according to this article in New Scientist

ABHAY ASHTEKAR remembers his reaction the first time he saw the universe bounce. “I was taken aback,” he says. He was watching a simulation of the universe rewind towards the big bang. Mostly the universe behaved as expected, becoming smaller and denser as the galaxies converged. But then, instead of reaching the big bang “singularity”, the universe bounced and started expanding again. What on earth was happening?

Ashtekar wanted to be sure of what he was seeing, so he asked his colleagues to sit on the result for six months before publishing it in 2006. And no wonder. The theory that the recycled universe was based on, called loop quantum cosmology (LQC), had managed to illuminate the very birth of the universe – something even Einstein’s general theory of relativity fails to do.

via Did our cosmos exist before the big bang? – space – 10 December 2008 – New Scientist.